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26 Jul 2014 || 0 comment(s)

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Photo (c): Joseph Isaac
Photo Process: Anico Hanna

V-Neck Top - H&M
P.Dots Midi Skirt - ROMWE
Neckalace - ROMWE
White Pouch - GUESS?
Lace Up Gladiator Heels - ZALORA
"Zalora - 15% OFF your first order. Code: ZBAPOkS"

Midi Skirt. One thing I have been wanting to wear. I shared previously the Faux Leather midi skirt. Every time I want something, it will come in no time. There was an event themed Black and White. I straight away thought of wearing this. Paired up with a white V-Neck top. I kinda feel 'Retro-ish' in this, maybe because of the polka dots and it's length. I think the last time I wore a so called midi skirt was back when I was in grade school. If you guys don't know just a lil bit of trivia. School girls' uniform in the Philippines is something like a midi skirt. The length itself is very much the same. Just that, the school skirt has obvious pleats and of course it has its unique checkered or solid colours. So when I saw it as one of the fashion trend, I was like, "meh". I'll seriously look like a school girl on it especially the maroon colour, which is by far one of the most common colour. But after seeing tons of it, I just thought I'd give it a try. Since, I also missed wearing long skirts. Viola, I'm loving it more than what I thought. Rocking this outfit with my blue gladiators sandals. My forever favourite pair of sandals!!

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23 Jul 2014 || 1 comment(s)

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Photo (c): Joseph Isaac
Photo Process: Anico Hanna

Tank Top - ROMWE
HW Shorts  - ROMWE
Mint BagPack - ROMWE
Multi-Layered Necklace - ROMWE
Diamond Necklace - FOREVER 21
Black Beanie - FOREVER 21
Colourful Bracelets - SCAPE
Black Shoes - VANS

Over due post. This is actually my "Back-to-School" outfit, but for some reason I delayed this. As in super delayed. Supposed to post this last month but lots of posts were rescheduled earlier. So anyway, when it comes to school, I always prefer comfortable clothes. Something that won't bother me and I can freely move. I decided to wear a tank top with prints on it and a high-waisted short. Both are from ROMWE. I really love their items, well you can really tell on my outfits, haha! It's an optional if you are going to wear necklace, just like what I did here. I don't really wear accessories. You can probably tell that, but when I do, I over accessorise. For some reason, I feel a little plain without a necklace nowadays. Kinda new to me, uh. and if you are having a bad hair day, just like me most of the time, just grab a beanie and you are now hair-stress-free. I think this is my very first time wearing a beanie for my outfit. Grabbing my mint buckle up bag pack and my comfy vans. Baaaaam!

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16 Jul 2014 || 1 comment(s)

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Photo (c): Joseph Isaac
Photo Process: Anico Hanna

Yellow Dress - H&M
Necklace - ROMWE
Hand Bag - GUESS
White Platform - MARTOFCHINA

"Lazy Outfit". I am always in love with bright colours. It makes me feel brighter than usual. It gives me the positive vibes I am looking forward to everyday. I am really attracted to bright colours, just like my dress here. It's a bright yellow. The photo does not give justice to how bright this yellow dress is. It will really catch your eyes the moment you look at it. Just like how I got this. I was on my way to work and passed by H&M then I saw this yellow dress. The moment I saw this, I dropped by & bought it without any hesistation. Am I crazy for doing that? Haha! Anyways, I love the cross detail at the back. It's so sexy and chic. I added a white waist-belt to enhance my not-so-sexy waist. Haha! For my shoes, I just wore my white platforms with gold straps. I think it matches my pouch and necklace. Everything goes well together.

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Photo (c): Joseph Isaac
Photo Process: Anico Hanna

Top by ThirstyThought - ROMWE
Faux Leather Midi Skirt - ROMWE
Sling Bag - ISETAN
Black Pumps - PAYLESS

*Don't mind my skin allergies. They pop every time I am out of the house*

Faux Leather. Every time I hear or see someone wearing a leather, I'll straight away think of a Rocker Chic. I don't know why, but I stereo type its colour and material. I never thought that it will make a huge impact to my "clothes addiction". Is there such a thing? This faux leather from romwe is seriously the best. I know I have been saying "the best ever" many times on my previous outfits. But seriously, this one has to be the best. It actually goes well with my "Kryz Uy" top. Yes, if I am not wrong Kryz Uy designed that top or somewhat related to her. But I am pretty much sure that she designed it and it was manufactured by ROMWE. I love how the back design is very sophisticated. I am bored of plain sleeveless tank top. I mean, those normal ones. She did a great job here. The top is awesome. I just tucked it in to enhance my waist part. I actually thought of pairing this skirt with a crop top. But I think i have been wearing crops for the past few posts so I gave it a break and tried this out.

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30 Jun 2014 || 1 comment(s)

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Photo (c): Joseph Isaac
Photo Process: Anico Hanna

Crop Top - ROMWE
Plaid Origami Short - BUGIS
Necklace - FOREVER 21
Ankle Strap Heels - ZALORA
*Get 15% OFF your first order @ Zalora(SG) - code: ZBAPOkS*

To celebrate my 2nd year being a blogger, I made a mini twist. Styling a crop top with two different looks. Here's the second look. If you have not seen the first one, click here

I never thought my "crop-top-addiction" would be this much. It started when a local blog shop sent me one. It was the crop top I wore in my very first outfit for the year 2014. As in I wore it on the first day of the year. I am seriously addicted to it. I even chopped off some of my clothes. I made them into a crop top. A dress into a crop top. I know I'm insane for doing that but I don't wear it as a dress so I have the guts to make it as a crop top. And, my favourite crop top is the one I am featuring here. It is the perfect crop top ever. It is soft and the length is just nice for me. I paired it up with a plaid origami short. When I was searching for an origami short, I was actually looking for a black one as I already have white. Then I saw this plaid origami short. I got the green one but I really want the red one too. They're both nice but the green colour caught my eyes. Contemplating if I should get the red one, too. Hmmmm! Should I? Should I? So, other than that, I also wore my black ankle strap heels for a simple yet classy look. OMG! I've been looking for this heels for more than a year already and I can't find one other than the one in Zara. Hello, I won't splurge that much for this heels even though I am really into it. But luckily, I found this at Zalora for a very affordable price. It's really nice and is my favourite heels now. It goes well with everything.
I chose this Black Leather Tote Bag from Victoria's Secret to match up the heels and a gold long double-layered chain for the over-all look. #BurningSplashesTurns2

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Photo (c): Joseph Isaac
Photo Process: Anico Hanna

Crop Top - ROMWE
Rose Skirt - ROMWE
Necklace - ROMWE
Ankle Strap Heels - LOVELYSHOES
Pink Sling Bag - GIFT


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