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    July 20, 2016

    Social Hibernation, No More!
    In my previous post, I told you guys that I was taking a break from blogging and here I am making the “come back” lol.

    I love travelling so I didn’t see that as a hindrance to my “blogging career“. Why did I say that? If you follow me on my Instagram or Snapchat, you would have already known that I travelled a lot earlier this year and because of that, I missed tons of events. Most of you might think why am I not into events lately. Well, travel was the reason behind it. Most of the events fell on the days when I was away enjoying life. To be honest, I missed the biggest breakthrough in my blogging career. I missed a very big opportunity. And that was the, Clozette Style Party. I was chosen together with the other Clozzette Ambassadors to walk the runway. But damn girl, the event was on the same day as my flight back to the Philippines to attend our first ever Youth Convention. But looking at the brighter side of the everything, there will always be a next time for everything. I am still hoping for that “next time“.

    The man behind all my photos on my Social Media accounts. My love, mio amore.

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