• Why shop at Ezbuy?

    August 10, 2016

    I was sad but I bought something online and I feel better now.
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    I am an avid fan of online shopping. I am pretty sure you guys are too. I mean, you can almost see everything now online. Going to a physical store can be a bummer at times. We waste time, energy and a little penny for the transportation. But with online shopping you can save time, money and energy. So why not shop online, right guys?

    Here’s the thing, some items are hard to find in Singapore, hence getting them internationally. But one thing is for sure when buying online outside Singapore and everyone’s enemy is the – Shipping Fee. It can cost you more than the product you are buying. Hence, making you think twice before getting it. But that dilemma is now solved.

    Before that, let me share with you some pointers here.

    – Ever heard of “Taobao“? An online shop similar to eBay and Amazon that is operated in China by Alibaba Group. What is the catch here? They sell affordable things like clothes, accessories, shoes, you name it! Almost everything is there. But what makes them cheaper than the other shop? They are cheaper because shopping directly from the country of origins helps to bypass any importer or retailers.
    * I haven’t tried buying directly from them just because I don’t understand Chinese. yes, not at all. And this brings me to my second point;

    – The Ezbuy (65 Daigou). A shipping agent that Buys the world for you. I encountered them a month ago and I was so happy with their service. So Why choose them?
    – Don’t understand Chinese? No worries! Ezbuy is there to translate everything.
    – You can order from the Singapore, USA, China and Taiwan; They will either ship for you or buy for you
    – They offer the lowest shipping rate to Singapore
    – No Shipping base charge
    – They inspect your order and making sure that you get your correct order

    – The Prime Service (S$9.90/month or S$99/year)
    This is good for people who buys regularly on Ezbuy
    – Ezbuy’s new service that ofers you an unlimited shipping fee at only $2.99 regardless of size, weight or quantity. You will save more on this
    – Save tons on shipping fee and best for purchasing heavy stuff like furniture
    – Instant upgrade to SVIP membership to enjoy 50% savings off agent fee on Prime orders
    – Includes all Buy-For-Me services such as Purchasing, Inspection and After-sales support

    I just want to share my personal experience on Ezbuy. I was given a $40 budget to shop inclusive of Shipping Fee. At first, I thought I won’t get that much for that amount of money. But I was wrong. I shopped using their Mobile Applications and it was easy. Here’s how!

    Register here and get Free $10 Shopping Voucher
    – Use the “Search Bar” to search for your items or you can just copy the URL from the shop you’d like to buy

    Once you see the product you’d like to buy, choose the Colour/Size/Quantity and hit the “Add to Cart” button

    Moving on to “Check Out Cart“. You’ll see the Shipping Methods.
    – Express Air (1-2 days) via DHL : $2.99
    – Economy Air (1-3 days) : $1.69
    – Sea (around 2 weeks) : $1.30
    * Here I chose Economy Air, it only took 2 days 

    After that, You’ll have to choose your desire “Delivery Method”
    * Here I chose Free Collection Point – Warehouse since it is near to my working place

    And to review your cart, let us sum it all up. Getting 3 chokers from China only cost me $10.08. CHEAP I KNOW! And the shipping is very fast. Over all, it took a week including the time I OrderProcessShipping.

    So what are you waiting for guys? Time to shop. It’s kinda addicting but you have to control yourself. I am trying guys. I am!


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