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    July 16, 2017

    Bad hair day No More.

    I have been bleaching my hair for the past 3 years. Those years were my hair’s nightmare. I used to bleach it countless times. I got addicted in doing it as it gives me the “apparently” people call it the “Hair Goal” Colour. By Bleaching your hair it gets lighter and you can colour almost all the bold colours you would want. You decide. But my hair was not happy with all the bleaching I did. It got damaged and I bid farewell to my healthy looking hair.

    Then, I decided to just go back to my usual dark coloured hair. But it didn’t take quite long to indulge that dark hair, I got bored of it and wanted a change. Just nice I received an invitation from J&J Hair Identity Salon via my Sample Store family.

    Here’s my hair before. Look at the ends, it screamed D A M A G E D, lol! My hair used to be super light. Ash colour to be exact then I dyed back to soft brown but eventually, it turned back to a little lighter.

    But first let me talk about the Salon’s ambiance. A moment of silence for their super-the-bomb place. I mean look at that, It is so Instagrammable. You can literally take an Instagram worthy photo in every corner of the salon. Legit! Plus, the salon is very eco friendly, there are plants everywhere and a small fish bowl with cute little fishyyyy. I have never seen a  cute salon like this. And the most special thing about this salon is that they are “Organic Salon“.

    I am very particular when it comes to hair products and I was very happy to be at the right hair salon at that moment. I did my research about the salon and found out that they uses professional organic salon hair colours, certified organic ingredients and products which are Eco friendly and ammonia-free from Denmark’s organic, ECOCERT Certified brand – NATULIQUE.

    Moving on to the hair colouring, I had a chit chat with my Stylist, Jac for about an hour. He answered all my concerns about my hair. Whether or not my hair will be damaged or whatso. He assured me that I will love the result. I was actually hesitating to go back to my lighter hair. Hence, the No-Bleaching process. I was so happy about it. I settled in my comfort zone and didn’t go out of it. So I ended up having a slightly Golden Brown hair with a thad bit of Ashy tone. He was right, I was so happy with the result and just the colour that I wanted.

    Jac, as a stylist, he was very friendly and accommodating. He tried his best to answer all my query and her was very gentle when applying the product . I definitely recommend his service.

    Final Review:
    I love my hair, really! I had this hair colour before, but I will never get tired of this so going back to this is fine with me. My hair feels so smooth and smells good after the process. I believe Natulique did a good job on my hair. It didn’t damage my hair at all and I felt like, it restored the “Healthy looking” of my hair.

    I do recommend their Salon! You should definitely give them a try!

    J&J Hair Identity Salon @ Katong Square (Beside I12 Katong)
    88 East Coast Road
    #02-11 Singapore 423371

    Opening Hours:
    Mon – Fri: 11am – 9pm
    Sat – Sun: 10.30am – 8pm
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