• New Home

    August 3, 2015

    It’s time to move to a new home.
    Photo (c): Joseph Isaac (more…)

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    May 31, 2015

    Top: SCAPE // Jeans: MIYOC // Sandals: SHOPJUMPINGAROUND // Bag: SCAPE
    Photo (c): Joseph Isaac

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    February 28, 2015

    Photo Credit: Allen Datu // Photo Process: Shayne Datu

    Travel is one of the many things I love to do. I have a long list of my destinations but for now, Asia is the only affordable ones. HAHA! To start kick my year 2015, our church had the “Leaders Retreat“. No, I am not a leader but my dad is. Never thought that it would be fun. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights but we only got to tour Melaka for a day. We went to this Heritage Place, I forgot the name. So instead of just walking and sight seeing, we had a mini task where we need to complete a “25 Photo Challenge“. We were divided into groups of four. The best task of all were the “Pirate Ship” I screamed my lungs out. It was not a scary ride but we were just so adventurous and not boring so we made it fun and screamed until we loose our voices. In the end, we were down with sore throat till now. But nonetheless, it was a fun trip with my church mates.

    Task: “Photo with a Cat”. We were having a hard time finding a stray cat so we thought this is an alternative. Hey, it’s HELLO KITTY after all.

    Task: Photo with Melaka Sign. 

    Task: Photo with a Statue. 

    Task: Jump-shot in front of Museum

    Task: Photo in a swing.

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    November 13, 2014
    Boots – ZARA // Top – TEMT // Shorts – CHICNOVA // FLANNEL – UNIQLO // Necklace – FOREVER 21
    Disclaimer: Sponsored. // Photo (c): Joseph Isaac

    Forgive me for I have ‘Hair-Selfied’ haha I just love my hair here.

    It’s our 54th month as a couple. Wednesday is our day. It was a day well spent with my love. It’s our last wednesdate since he is already going to NS (National Service, Army) next week for 2 years. It’s a blessing that he is stay-out. I will surely miss our wednesdate but I am looking forward to our Saturdate or Sundate. So anyhoo, for my outfit, I wore something different. I am trying to change my style or maybe my colour scheme. I am into Black and White nowadays for a minimal look. 
    I would like to dedicate this post to my boyfriend-photographer. As a blogger, it’s hard to find a photographer but I am blessed and lucky enough to have you. Thank you for being there, for the support you have given me. The patience you gave and poured out every time we do a photo shoot. For helping me direct with my pose, smile and stuff like that. I am really blessed to have you. My blog won’t be this successful if I don’t have you. Yes, I claim the success. Like what I always tell you, “My Success is yours too”God bless you in your new journey. You’ll always be in my prayer. 
    I love you to the moon and back, my Soldier
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    August 3, 2014
    Photo (c): YnaCDelaCruz
    Photo Process: Anico Hanna
    White Top – BUGIS
    Denim Jeans – RED GIRL
    Sling Bag – SCAPE
    Black Sandals – ZALORA
    “Zalora – 15% OFF your first order. Code: ZBAPOkS

    Went out with my friend to catch up. I’ve been isolated for so long and I missed hanging out. I stopped
     going out the moment I started working. I normally go out with my girl friend and my forever fashion 
    buddy, Nissy, but she’s now back in the Philippines. And oh dang! I miss her soooo freaking much! 
    Okay enough of the drama. So yeah, I finally got to hang out again. I asked Yna for a date. We walked
     around Esplanade and had fun taking photos. I actually asked her to be my photographer that day. She 
    was hesitant and not confident enough with her photography skills. But hey, look at my photos, they 
    are pretty amazing. I mean, who would actually think that those were taken by a non-pro photographer. 
    She did a good job there, huh! After the mini photo shoot, we ate at Burger King. Stayed there for 2.5 
    hours chit chatting and talking about, ehem, PBB, and many more. We also took selfies (that will never 
    be forgotten). We separated after that. A day well spent indeed. 
     And also, I want to thank Yna for being my pretty photographer that day. Of course, I didn’t let her to 
    be just a photographer. She also became my model. Enjoy her OOTD, too. Taadaaa!

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  • F.A.C.T

    January 9, 2014
    Image source: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-MVR3DMNATLE/UUU-bUk0QII/AAAAAAAAM3Q/1z9e2KD3Oso/s1600/AboutMeNEW.gif
    Hello my dear readers!
    How’s your 2014 so far? Well, for me, nothing really special, just the fact that I am having my final exam before I get my Diploma. 1 down, 1 more paper to go. 
    So anyhoos, for this post, it’s just a little rant about me, myself and I. I think you already knew what this post is all about. 
    *drum rollllll* 10 Facts About Me!
    I haven’t done any introduction or anything regarding myself over the past years. I don’t remember any post I made about it. So, this post will tell you more about me. It’s like a mini get to know me. Better late than never.
    Without further ado, here we go:
    1. My full name is Anico Hanna Mijares Gumayan. Here’s a story behind my name. 
    My parents thought of naming me “Princess ____” ehk, I forgot the second name. But ya, that was the name they wanted to name me. Then, my mom’s or my dad’s officamate suggested a name and that was my name “Anico Hanna“. My parents thought that it was kind of unique, so they decided to name me that. Honestly speaking, good thing that my mom’s or dad’s officemate suggested that name. I prefer that over “Princess ___“. Well maybe because the name “Princess” is common? I don’t know haha! But, everytime I introduce myself, people would ask me if I am Japanese because of my name, sounds like a japanese name. 
    2. I was born on January 25 in Mangino Gapan Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Mark your calendar! 
    3. I am a proud FILIPINO! Yes! 
    4. I am a firm believer. Papa God is my Lord and Saviour. 
    5. When I was a kid, I used to play with the guys like, “Patintero, Tumbang Preso, etc.” Which made me think that I was sort of a “tomboy“. HAHA! But I played with the girls, too. I missed playing street games.. A looot! 
    6. I used to be active in school when I was in Grade school. I was a member of our School Choir, Drum ‘n Lire, Folk Dance, cheer leader, and many more. Ya, I was that active. Haha. Opposite when I reached High School. I was so slack HAHAHA. Refused to join.
    7. I came here in Singapore last 2006, after I graduated in Grade/Primary 6. Sucks that I didn’t had the chance to experience High School in Philippines. 
    8. I became a real girl when I turned 18. HAHA! I finally realised that I was a girl after all. Don’t judge! That was when I started putting makeup, dressing up and so on. I remembered last time when my friend Rhys introduced me to make up, I was like “eww, I am never going to use that.” And hey, I ate up everything I said, just by looking at how many makeups I own now. 
    9. P.A.R.I.S … Yes, place I have been dying to go to. I know one day, by faith. I don’t know why, but I am seriously dying to go there. Of course with my love. “Lovers in Paris” haha!
    10. I started this blog for my beauty stuff. For reviews, hauls, giveaways and anything makeup related. Later, I realised that makeup/beauty is not really my area. Then I started posting outfit posts using my own clothes and money. Ya everyone starts there. So, I keep posting and posting. One day, an online shop emailed me saying they are willing to sponsor me. All I have to do is to post an outfit post wearing the clothes they will send me. Without any hesitation I grabbed the opportunity. After that, number of sponsors are coming. I was really overwhelmed with the number of sponsors. With that, I want to thank all my sponsors for sponsoring me for the whole year of 2013:
    • ROMWE
    • Chicnova
    • Udobuy
    • MartofChina
    • LovelyShoes
    • Aupie
    • EfoxCity
    • Persunmall
    • DaisyLlma
    * I hope I listed all the shops*
    Lastly, for being one of Zalora.sg Brand Ambassadors.
    Those are the basic ones. Teehee! 
    Anico Hanna
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